Dealing with Trees in Your Yard

When we talk about yard cleanliness, we think about our lush green lawn with no leaves and trim trees. We think about stones and rocks gathered somewhere in a corner and not in plain sight. It’s important to us, and as homeowners we take pride in keeping our home spotlessly clean and well looked after. Over the years we might end up being caught up in… Life. Life has a way of making people forget and neglect certain aspects in their lives. The yard is just another extension of the homeowner. Sometimes unexpected events may happen which sparks unrest and chaos in the yard. So whom do we call when we have this kind of chaos? The Ghostbusters?



Storms and abnormal weather can be dangerous to a home. Especially when there are tall flimsy trees and branches right next to your bedroom window. When Hurricane Sandy blew through New York long Island, there have been many cases and incidences where a tree that’s been stable for more than it’s existence finally gave in to the strong winds, and collapse on it’s neighboring home. It can be very scary but it can be avoidable. Contact a Suffolk County tree service to make an assessment on your yard’s trees before the next storm rolls through.

Some trees may look as if they’re standing strong, but can actually be decaying from the inside. These kinds of trees should be removed as soon as possible for health, safety and aesthetic purposes. In certain occurrences live trees also should be removed when they affect other trees, structures, driveways and utility wires. If your yard is full of trees and you’re looking to remove all of them in one shot it may be worth your while to get in touch with a Long Island land clearing company that can quickly turn your yard into a blank canvas to work with.

Some people actually can cut down their tree themselves, but it requires a lot of work and equipment. Large trees should always be removed using a professional service. Never take on a large tree by your self. Call tree service long island for these harder tasks. It may require heavy equipment and rope.

It’s also very important to know the location of your cesspool before work begins. If you don’t tell the tree service team they may accidentally come into contact with and damage your cesspool. Trust us, you don’t want to spend money on a tree removal project only to have to immediately spend more money on a cesspool installation.

One satisfying feeling I personally has towards having a yard clear is finally getting rid of the tree stump. Of course we have professional services for that too. Here are some steps you use to get rid of a stump yourself. The first is digging out the tree stump using a shovel to dig around. Afterwards is to cut up all the roots. Depending on the size of the tree roots use a root saw to cut them into pieces. Later you could pull out the roots using a grub hoe to wrench the lingering fixed roots out of the ground to their very tips. After all or most of the roots have been managed, you should be able to easily remove the stump. You may need to use the shovel to dig underneath the stump. You’ll have to cut a few more roots under it before you can get it completely out. After you’ve dug out the stump, it is time to fill the hole. Failing to fill the hole can lead to an undesired dent.

Other methods of getting rid of a stump is grinding the stump, burning the stump, and using a chemical stump remover. All of these methods can be dangerous if not done correctly. Sometimes it’s better to call a professional service, this way you’ll save time and be safe. Besides, wouldn’t you rather sit inside and cool off with your newly purchased hotel ptacs instead of laboring in the sun?